People just like you and me
Are hoping to survive
All our global problems   
Cos’ we don’t wanna die
We better think fast
The threats to us are grave
We must learn to change our ways
We’ve gotta world to save.

Climate change promises doom
And everyone’s hard up 
When you’re starving hungry
It’s hard to give a ****
We better face facts
We’re all creating **it
The world is in the toilet
And we‘re all flushing it

Terrorists hate you and me 
For being who we are 
They gonna bomb our cities 
Into a nuclear war  
Lift up your hearts 
Fight your apathy
Save our kids from extinction 
Join in and sing with me

The answers to our problems
Are lost beyond our reach
Unless we start to value
What we say we believe
All we want is money
But not its consequence
Living life the way we do
Betrays all common sense