Everything in the world is relative to all other things. One man makes huge sums using the system and the other hungry person makes no money using the same system. We are all born equals; every person’s actions are interdependent and relative to everyone else’s.

No one survives or creates wealth in a vacuum- we are all in everything together!  We are all responsible. We are all interdependent for everything we have and everything we are and everything we do. The rich man's ability to benefit from the system and gain wealth is always interdependent to everyone else.

Just because a man can “work the system” or manipulate the world around him to “allow” him to become rich doesn’t make him better or more superior than other men - nor does it entitle him to unbridled luxury and a sense of godhead to further enrich and embolden himself while his fellow man wriggles in pain discontent or hunger.

In our everyday lives let’s be kind, sweet and reach out with love and care for each other. Let people of all parties, all creeds and all colors work together for the common good with real cooperation.

All people deserve proper health care, a place to live and food when they need it This must be the unalienable right of every citizen of America - Nothing less will do.

In the U S Millions are homeless - millions are hungry -millions are in poverty - millions are without jobs and health care and many want to disrupt and blame other people for America’s problems when it was those same people who screwed up the country for the last 8 years. Tax the wealthiest 2% of the American population now.

The American political system must be overhauled. All political campaigns must be publicly funded.

Politicians, accepting money or favors from people/lobbyists with a vested interest in his or her political work, who “sells out” his constituents votes, trust and rights to the highest bidder, must be held accountable in a court of law for their abuse of voters rights.

Any kind of influence peddling, corruption or attempt to change any single vote away from its democratic principles must result in major jail time. Lets call for the enforcement of political accountability for all politicians of whatever party.

People are frightened to speak up, point the finger and tell it like it is.

We are all victims of our self-inflicted political correctness and our rationalized apathy.

Human beings are moving toward critical mass both environmentally and psychologically. Human life on our planet Earth could disappear anytime under the continuously escalating matrix of human error.

Stand up and be counted.



No one appears to be angry about the present political and economic situations even though they threaten the life and liberty of every American.

We are not angry because we as a nation have accepted anger and protest as un-American. Our national sense of political correctness demands we frown on anger and the people who get angry and emotional.

We have learnt to fear anger and its consequences. We have rejected our heartfelt righteous indignation in favor of surrendering our right to be angry to those in the administration when it is the administration’s failure that has given us cause to be angry.

They prefer us orderly and quiet because we are easier to govern. They encourage us not to be angry when we should be angry and fighting for what we believe in.

Anger is a democratic instrument of warning –-a protest at intolerable conditions – a call for freedom, a reaction to perceived adversity.

Anger is the life-blood of survival, progress and the source of our drive and ambition.
Anger is our right.

We must see and participate in the anger and the protest of life if we are to avoid the rage of madness that will erupt if anger and protest have no voice.

We must allow our gut instincts to respond to what we truly believe rather allowing ourselves to believe that getting angry about injustice is a sin.

“Patriots,” angry at the system they were living under, fought the American Revolutionary War. Today we Americans sleep in surrender, having the complacency of lemmings. We must find it in ourselves to get angry again, shake off our apathy and rise up in revolution for our belief in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


We, as human beings, are completely inter-dependent for our survival on the good will of others. All we can do to ensure our survival is to reach out with love and care for everyone in the hope that others in turn will reach out with love and care for us.

I believe we have to not only stop nuclear weapons proliferation we must equally, at the same time, start a campaign that strengthens all our international relations both at a government level and at the very personal level between ordinary people in their daily lives.

Someone taught people everywhere to recycle and recycling has become an international effort by ordinary people toward saving the planet and its resources. Why can't we create the same kind of education for the international propagation of the golden rule?

People love to recycle because it gives them the feeling that they are contributing. Likewise, people could be encouraged toward exercising the golden rule personally, locally, nationally and internationally.

It is much more difficult for people to "abuse" someone if they have a personal relationship with them. This feeling of connectedness is what must be manifest on a grassroots level if we are ever to surmount the terrifying global problems that confront us all, be it war, famine, global disaster or climate change.

You and I know we are sitting on the precipice of a series of international disasters waiting to happen. Why wait? Reach out with love and care for everyone and teach them to do the same; not just because it is the right thing to do but because it is the only way which will ensure the survival of the human race.