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Laying on of Hands



This simple meditation is a way of making a positive relationship with yourself so that life’s journey, while sometimes painful and challenging, follows in the direction of peace and happiness. Meditation is to give your mind a rest, by giving it a deliberately simple task to stick to. In this way, you give your brain and your stress a rest from their endless exhausting activity.


It is a good idea to ritualize your meditation to “set yourself up” for the meditation. CANDLE - Light a candle [to represent the activation of the purity of your own spirit] - put it out when you are finished.
INCENSE - Burn incense during your meditation to activate your subconscious recognition that it is "meditation time”.
BELL - Ringing a small hand bell before you start to meditate and immediately after you finish will get you “into” and “out of” your meditation experience quickly and easily. TIMER - Start a little clockwork egg/food timer when you start to meditate. Pre-set it for 10, 15 or 20 minutes (whatever you chose) then get on with your meditation. The timer saves you “peeking out” to see how long you've been at it or how long you have to go. The ringer goes off when I have finished meditation – it frees you up from guessing how long you've been at it.


Your body is a mountain
Your breath is the wind on the mountain.
Your mind is clear sky.
Your thoughts are just passing clouds obscuring your


Sit in an upright chair in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and your back straight. Put your feet flat on the floor. Your hands rest lightly on your thighs. Your eyes are closed [or open] looking at a point four feet ahead of you on the floor. As you breathe your abdomen naturally rises and falls. As your abdomen rises acknowledge its rising, saying silently to yourself “Rising”. As your abdomen falls acknowledge its falling saying silently to yourself “Falling”


Do nothing else but silently acknowledge the rising and falling of your abdomen.
Rising – Falling - Rising – Falling – Rising – Falling
Train your mind like you would a puppy. When thoughts come into your mind acknowledge them silently saying to yourself “thinking”. Pay no attention to your thoughts because they will only pull you off course. Always immediately return to your original point of attention, acknowledging the rising and falling of your
Rising – Falling - Rising – Falling – Rising – Falling
Do nothing else but silently acknowledge the rising and falling
of your abdomen.
Rising – Falling - Rising – Falling – Rising – Falling
Keep returning to this simple practice every day and your stress
will dissolve and your confidence will grow.


I am not this body. 
I am not this mind.
I am not this I.
I am a capable person, who achieves what he sets out to do.
I have control of all my emotions.
I am well balanced, enthusiastic and optimistic.
I am full of joy and happiness and I will stay that way.
I am in perfect health mentally, physically and emotionally.
I am not afraid, even when there is great fear in me.
I am open and receptive to all good.
I accept all others and myself.
I say, “no” to what I don’t want
I say, “yes” to what I do want.
I do not abuse anything or anyone.
I do not abuse myself.
I do not engage in negative thought or activity.
I do not get angry, impatient or depressed.
I trust my gut reaction and my intuition.
I follow my dreams to success.
I forgive all people who have hurt me.
I separate from people who are not supportive of me.
I am a winner.
I am happy.
I do not procrastinate.
I respect myself and all other people.
I silence my inner critic whenever it appears.
I listen to the heart of me.
I listen with my heart.
I let go of all guilt, blame and judgment.
I believe in myself.
I love and accept myself
I never complain and never explain.
I think and act positively at all times.
I nurture and respect my gentle, loving emotional inner child
I attract, project and meditate on clear white light.
I live in the now.
The past does not exist.
The future is unformed.
I am a loving person.
I like myself.
I am responsible for my all my thoughts and actions.
I do not rescue others.
I do not try to change others.
I know the hero is real in me and responds to me.
I surrender and commit my will to the hero without reservation.
The hero is my authentic self
The hero shapes me into who I am meant to be.
The hero gives me direction and sustains my efforts in that direction.
The hero brings help, guidance and protection to every part of my life.
Peace is my highest goal.
Everything I affirm here is for the highest good of all
and through the free will of all.


Wash your hands thoroughly after all healing work
so as not to become contaminated by the patient’s condition.

Ask for help, guidance and protection in your healing practice with this patient. Make the decision that all pain and disease is completely gone from the patient and cannot exist in him or her.

 Cleanse the patient’s aura. Drag your hands through the patient’s aura and immerse your hands in clean clear water. Dry your hands and repeat the cleansing until the aura is clean.

Think, feel and visualize clear white lightradiating from the hero in the heart of you, into your hands, into the patient as concentrated dynamic energy with your profound intention to heal. No impediment can stand in the way of clear white light; it is the giver of life.

With the patient lying down, trace your hands over the patient’s body; not touching it, send clear white light into every pore of the body. Concentrate your most powerful energy around the patient’s head particularly, as it is the seat of all problems in the body and mind. 

When you sense you have done what you can, seal the patient’s body with a protective prayer or symbol on the patient’s chest and back.

When the patient is far away in another place, say their name aloud. Imagine them lying down or sitting in a chair in front of you.  Perform the healing in the same way as previously instructed.