You’ve got a germ of an idea that you want to upgrade your home or give it a facelift. There are all sorts of things you would like to improve but most of all you want it to look good – to be a home you can be proud of and show off. You don’t have a designer and you don’t want to deal with any of those limp wristed artsy designers that cost a fortune and who want to mould you to their ideas rather than really helping you find your own.

You have your own ideas after all you live in the home. Some ideas are vague, some strong, some are inklings or intuitions on top of that there are plenty of likes and dislikes and wonderful dreams about what you really want to do all rolling around in your head at once.  You just need some way to get all of them brought out of you and made to work so you get what you want. You don’t need what you can’t relate to whether its created by a design team or a well meaning contractor with an eye on your wallet. You want what you want your way.  You need down to earth designs that are all you.

There are walls to move, plumbers and electricians to hire such a lot of work and dust- you have thought about getting in one contractor in to do everything but you know what its like you still have to watch him every step of the way and check on everything whether you want to or not.

You want to do the work and make the changes and upgrades but you don’t want to be checking and supervising and laying awake nights wondering if you're doing the right thing. Most of all you don’t want to be taken advantage of or pay too much and anyway you don’t know if you are getting ripped off or not.

You need a friend who knows in contracting but someone with taste and a good design eye who can take your ideas and dreams from your note pad to reality. You need some one picky who will take the burden off you so you can keep earning the money to pay for the job rather than wasting work and leisure time watching and checking on the contractor- you want someone to advise you on protecting yourself and your property who find the right man for the job who can introduce you to the places where you can buy your fixtures and fittings help chose your style and colors who will negotiate on your behalf with the contractors so that you can save money and enjoy the luxury of having someone cool hip and knowledgeable who will be your buddy and turn your ideas into reality

I have 25 years of experience developing homes. Over the last few years I have been flipping homes, taking an ugly home and turning it into a show piece. Now the market is slowed. I have turned my attention to home owners who are sitting in homes they want to improve but they don’t have time to take on the project or they just don’t feel comfortable dealing with contractors who are always in an adversarial position to them.

You know every contractor wants to get as much of your money as they can. They all want to get in and out of your job as quickly as possible OR they want to be on your job a few days. OR be somewhere else for the next few days and they have your money and they are not doing what you want or what they say and they are finding a load of extras you didn’t expect.

You can't watch them all the time,  they’re strangers you don’t know who they are. They are in and out of your home everyday and they are seeing your whole life and they don’t seem to respect the fact ity is your home! 

You have heard the horror stories. The contractors who don’t, can’t or won’t communicate with you about your project. You wish you had a friend in the business who would deal with all this scary stuff, who was on your side, who made sure the job gets done properly, while you enjoy the improvements being made to your home and are kept informed all the way as your dream becomes reality.


"It's like having a Contractor in your family"

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